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Build brilliantly animated retirement income stories in minutes

Retirement Plan Simulator uses a proven-path followed by million-dollar advisors to develop retirement story plans and bring them life. RPS can:

• Simplify and shorten the retirement planning process
• Accurately educate clients on the role of each product in their retirement story
• Engage clients and pull them into the planning process
• Improve outcomes and optimize results
• Develop repeatable planning paths to enhance efficiency
• Take production to the next level.


RPS uses innovative retirement income cash flow hierarchy technology (RICH technology) to create solutions that:

  • Accurately solve for target income needs
  • Incorporate time segmentation (income phasing), appropriate asset mixes, and annuity income riders
  • Identify variability in each product return
  • Create statistically supported (Monte Carlo Simulation-tested) planning outcomes
  • Enhance the sustainability of a portfolio’s income distributions.

This innovative technology creates the statistical evidence that a client, advisor and supervising firm need to optimize retirement planning outcomes. It naturally aligns with fiduciary standards by helping advisors engage with their clients as they move through a step-by-step storyboard.

Many of today’s tools are inefficient, failing to provide simple navigation, robust graphics and the evidence required to meet fiduciary standards.  RPS addresses all of these issues while simultaneously enhancing your client’s understanding of various products and the rationale for using them. It creates a unique format for transparently managing risk for advisors and supervisory firms. Here's a basic rundown of how RPS works:

Set Retirement Goals

Walk clients through a series of thoughtfully designed questions to determine the appropriate product mix. Data is entered to develop a client’s profile and display a storyboard that shows his/her current situation.

Present Portfolio Strengths and Weaknesses

An outline presents the portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the various risks the client will face over his/her lifetime.

Review Proposal Section

Identify the role various investments play in contributing to retirement income. Investment products are separated into categories based on objective—graphics provide information on product weighting, liquid asset allocation, and the client’s target percentage for guaranteed income.

Run Simulations

Simulations can be run to quickly reveal planning risks while supporting the need for products that protect against income shortfalls, disability or illness, runaway inflation, and more.


Easily construct, illustrate and deliver the optimal blend of guaranteed income products and traditional assets

As you take your clients step-by-step through the plan, watch the graphics dynamically adjust after each proposed change and:

• Move clients closer to their retirement planning goals
• Simply and seamlessly deliver a compliant retirement income plan
• Bring retirement planning to life for your clients.

Through thoughtful engineering, this simple, sophisticated retirement simulation offers an attractive, effective, and engaging planning experience that leads clients down a path to optimal retirement planning and products, and leads advisors down a path to higher production.

RPS’ dynamic, easy-to-use features and tools include (and are not limited to):
  • Asset tracking technology
  • Brilliantly animated schematics
  • Simple data entry
  • Storyboard steps
  • Play-by-play transactions with supporting notes
  • Seamless navigation
  • Side-by-side summary dashboards
  • Simulation sliders
  • Attractive, easy-to-understand output pages.

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