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Life Goals Fact Finder

A Goal-Based Analysis of Your Client's Most Basic Needs

Life Goals—Goal Based Needs Analysis Tool
Life Goals Consumer Fact Finder—Secure, Personalized Digital Fact-Finding Website
Disability Insurance Lead Gen—Personalized Lead Generation Website
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Life Goals

One program to solve multiple client insurance and investment needs

Uncover your client's financial situation quickly—focus on a specific need, or focus on multiple needs.
Debt Management

Calculate debt-to-earned-income ratio.

Cash Flow

Review income and expenses to calculate monthly discretionary income.

Emergency Fund

Set emergency fund savings goal based on monthly incomes.

Education Funding

Examine estimated costs and possible ways to fund a college education.


Explore how retirement income sources fulfill retirement income goals—when will the money run out?

Estate Preservation

Discuss the risks of not having an estate plan in place.

Survivor Needs

Examine immediate cash needs and funds needed to assure lifestyle expenses in the effect of a premature death on the family.

Disability Needs

Examine the impact of disability on the family's lifestyle, and ways to replace lost income.

Life Goals Consumer Fact Finder

Data entry is seamless with your personalized, secure fact finding website

Simply send your personalized fact-finder link to clients before your meeting, where they can walk through an easy-to-use fact finder and securely submit their data. You'll be able to review data on your leads dashboard, and create a case directly from the data submitted.

See Sample Fact Finder

Disability Insurance Lead Generator

Clients will see for themselves the need for disability planning

DI Lead Gen is a personalized, interactive consumer site that illustrates the need for disability insurance planning.
1. Point Consumers to Your Site

Post links to your lead-gen site on your personal website, email footer or social media accounts. You can also print your URL or unique QR code on marketing materials. See Sample Site

2. Consumers Walk Through the Tool

An interactive presentation calculates the consumer's risk of disability based on age, value of their future income, and possible expenses during a disability. DIGen also illustrates backwards insurance planning (insuring cars and homes, but not income)

3. You're Notified of a New Lead

When a prospect walks through the tool, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification, and the lead will appear in your leads dashboard.

4. Create a New Case

From your leads dashboard you can follow up a lead, review data submitted, and create new cases directly from the lead—data is automatically shared with Life Goals.

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