Using QR Codes

Your PlanFacts Lead Generation tools provide you with personalized, print-ready QR codes that help you acquire new clients fast. Clients can easily connect to your personal lead generation site by simply scanning the code using their phone's camera (for Apple device users) or by using a QR scanning app, which is preinstalled by default on many mobile devices—or available to users in their App, Google, or Windows Store.

Step 1: Login to your Advisor Controls dashboard

Step 2: From your dashboard home screen, click on the Leads icon on the side navigation

Step 3: Click on the “Download QR Codes” button for any app you’d like to start using QR codes for

Step 4: Save your web and print ready QR codes

Step 5: Open the downloaded ZIP Archive (Contains 3 QR code sizes for each product)

Step 6: Use the applicably sized QR code for your print medium

  • The small size is great for email signatures
  • The medium size works well in websites
  • The large size is great for print media

Step 7: Post and Print your customized QR code

We recommend you use your personal QR code on all of your print material and business cards, to make it exceptionally easy for users to access your lead gen sites.

Step 7: Login to your dashboard regularly to view/contact your new leads