Why We Created Advisor Controls
August 22, 2019

Growth. It’s what we all want for our businesses. But as an independent financial advisor, how do you experience substantial growth when you are short on time and support and your job is complex and challenging? In addition to helping clients plan for the future, you also have the responsibilities of staff issues, hiring, staying on top of business financials, and creating and implementing your business plan. 

At the end of each busy day, you might realize that you spent very little time doing the things that set the stage for growth. That’s where we come in. We created Advisor Controls to help you every step of the way, providing essential resources, trusted technologies, and proven planning processes used by top producers so you can accelerate results, improve the client experience, and scale your process.

Who We Are

In a nutshell, our team of experienced financial advisors developed software and a process that dramatically increased our revenue. We decided to make these tools and resources available to other financial advisors so they could experience the same success. 

 We partnered with an industry-leading fintech company to crack the code on growth, using innovative tools that enable advisors to optimize product mixes and maximize planning outcomes. The result? Advisor Controls.

What We Do

We at Advisor Controls help you deliver a better client experience—faster. We prioritize improving your efficiency and productivity. We not only provide top-notch marketing resources, weekly webinars and training, and best practices for managing your resources, but we also offer our easy-to-use solution for understanding and advancing clients’ retirement income stories: the Retirement Plan Simulator. 

In just minutes, you can input data and walk your client through the retirement planning process, engaging them every step of the way and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Our proven process will simply and seamlessly deliver a compliant retirement income plan and move your clients closer to their retirement planning goals. 

Advisor Controls Is For You

No matter where you are in your career as an independent financial advisor, we help you structure and organize your business the same way a top-producing advisor would. This foundation will pave the way for growth like you never imagined. The financial advisors who have already said yes to Advisor Controls tell us that using our software as the main tool to organize and educate their clients on building a retirement plan has been instrumental in taking their business to the next level. We want to see even more advisors experience this same success!

Check It Out Today!

Our goal for every advisor who subscribes to Advisor Controls is that they would receive a tenfold return on their subscription through the growth of their firm. We believe in our process and technology, and we want to share it with you.

See our Retirement Plan Simulator in action or start your free trial today. If you want to learn more about what we do and how we can help you, contact us at support@advisorcontrols.com, 309.650.1125, or schedule a meeting online.