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Tools for financial advisors looking to grow their AUM.

Our retirement planning software helps financial advisors deliver a better experience to their customers faster.

How do top advisors grow their business?

They deliver a better experience, and they do it in less time—Retirement Plan Simulator makes this possible.

Easy Retirement Planning tool data collection

Accelerate Discovery and Planning

Financial advisors use our retirement planning software to shrink time needed for discovery and financial planning.

Retirement Planning Software Presentation

Improve the Client Experience

Clients love the story board financial planning experience, with interactive side-by-side comparisons.

Financial planning tool to grow your AUM

Scale Your Practice

Financial advisors can scale their practice by delivering an improved client experience in less time.


Retirement Plan Simulator uses a proven-path followed by million-dollar advisors

Develop retirement story plans and bring them life.



RPS uses innovative retirement income cash flow hierarchy technology (RICH technology) to create solutions that:

  • Accurately solve for target income needs
  • Incorporate time segmentation (income phasing), appropriate asset mixes, and annuity income riders
  • Identify variability in each product return
  • Create statistically supported (Monte Carlo Simulation-tested) planning outcomes
  • Enhance the sustainability of a portfolio’s income distributions.

This innovative technology creates the statistical evidence that a client, advisor and supervising firm need to optimize retirement planning outcomes. It naturally aligns with fiduciary standards by helping advisors engage with their clients as they move through a step-by-step storyboard.

Many of today’s tools are inefficient, failing to provide simple navigation, robust graphics and the evidence required to meet fiduciary standards.  RPS addresses all of these issues while simultaneously enhancing your client’s understanding of various products and the rationale for using them. It creates a unique format for transparently managing risk for advisors and supervisory firms. Here's a basic rundown of how RPS works:

Set Retirement Goals

Walk clients through a series of thoughtfully designed questions to determine the appropriate product mix. Data is entered to develop a client’s profile and display a storyboard that shows his/her current situation.

Present Portfolio Strengths and Weaknesses

An outline presents the portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the various risks the client will face over his/her lifetime.

Review Proposal Section

Identify the role various investments play in contributing to retirement income. Investment products are separated into categories based on objective—graphics provide information on product weighting, liquid asset allocation, and the client’s target percentage for guaranteed income.

Run Simulations

Simulations can be run to quickly reveal planning risks while supporting the need for products that protect against income shortfalls, disability or illness, runaway inflation, and more.


Easily construct, illustrate and deliver the optimal blend of guaranteed income products and traditional assets

As you take your clients step-by-step through the plan, watch the graphics dynamically adjust after each proposed change and:

• Move clients closer to their retirement planning goals
• Simply and seamlessly deliver a compliant retirement income plan
• Bring retirement planning to life for your clients.

Through thoughtful engineering, this simple, sophisticated retirement simulation offers an attractive, effective, and engaging planning experience that leads clients down a path to optimal retirement planning and products, and leads advisors down a path to higher production.

RPS’ dynamic, easy-to-use features and tools include (and are not limited to):
  • Asset tracking technology
  • Brilliantly animated schematics
  • Simple data entry
  • Storyboard steps
  • Play-by-play transactions with supporting notes
  • Seamless navigation
  • Side-by-side summary dashboards
  • Simulation sliders
  • Attractive, easy-to-understand output pages.
"I have a client who just turned 50. She called and wanted to do some retirement planning to see if she could retire at age 60. We set up the appointment and I obtained all of her account balances, including her 401k, the accounts she holds with me and her Social Security information. However, I did not have time to enter this information into RPS until an hour before our appointment. It took me around 15 minutes to enter everything. Then I spent about 1 half hour looking at the results in RPS before our meeting. Everything was easy to understand for me and my client. RPS allowed my client to understand how and where she will get her retirement income and it turned out that she can comfortably retire at age 60. She asked what “Protected Income” is and I was able to explain how important it is in providing a stable retirement income regardless of market performance. We decided we would have a more in-depth discussion about how protected income may benefit her as she gets closer to retirement. At the end of our meeting, my client was very pleased, and I emailed her the print version of her RPS retirement plan. This is truly the simplest, most in-depth retirement planning software available (I have researched them all over the past 11 years)."

— Doug Thompson
Universal Financial Strategies
"As a 30-year veteran in the financial services industry I have embraced technology as a means to helping clients better grasp complicated ideas and planning. Over the years I have adopted many financial planning software systems and have been on beta testing groups as well. During the last several years the RPS retirement planning simulator concept has evolved. Because it is the first software designed by successful financial planners in concert with the best programmers in the financial planning industry, the end result is amazing! Clients and even prospects are finally able to envision with simple graphs and minimal input real life simulations and projections in living color. I’ve already seen an increase in assets and shortened timeline on decision making! Finally, a customized investment/retirement storyboard that motivates clients to take action."

— Greg Theis
Legacy Financial Services, Inc.
"I started using Retirement Plan Simulator in 2019, as my sole financial and retirement planning software. I have used every other software available – eMoney, Retirement Analyzer, Retire Up – Pro, etc. I have found that the design of the deliverables and ease of input of client data for cases has saved me time and money. My production is up from last year - 127% and I am only half - way through the year. This software has paid for itself 2000X. My clients love the ability to ask planning questions and scenarios which can be changed and shown while meeting with the client. The retirement plan becomes their plan, with their assumptions. So, if you are looking for a tool to provide confidence, clarity and client driven outcomes for their retirement decisions, this is the tool for you. Show your clients where they are currently heading under their current plan VS. where they could be with your recommendations immediately - without running back to the office and creating different scenario. Using this software is vital to implement in your practice with clients if you want to save time and money. My clients have a better appreciation for my recommendations and the impact they will have for their retirement. The software provides the answer to their why questions. The numeric detail also provides exactly where their retirement cash flow will be derived from and when. No more guessing. The software implements tax efficiency and risk management capabilities - so my clients know that their retirement will be secure. Take the guess work out and begin providing planning advice that is tested and pertinent to their personal situation. The software documents detailed notes and reasons for recommendations. Every detail is recorded to help with fiduciary and comprehensive note taking for monitoring the plan. A real comprehensive approach for compliance and suitability which is a concern for industry regulation. This is by far, the most comprehensive, affordable and ease of use software that I have used in my practice. It was developed and created by a top financial advisor in the country. I am confident if you try this software you will grow your practice. This planning software has been the best industry investment I have personally made with the quickest and best results that I have witnessed in my practice."

— Daniel P. Wachs CFP, CLU, ChFC
Atrium Wealth Advisors

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