Cash Flow Decisions

Show how retirement assets work together for maximum benefit

Two planning tracks allow you to focus on Social Security maximization alone, and transition to detailed cash-flow planning when you need it.

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Social Security Track

Start the conversation with Social Security optimization

A subscription to Cash Flow Decisions includes one of Advisor Control’s most popular tools — Social Security Pro — embedded as a standalone planning track. The highly-interactive user interface helps clients optimize their Social Security filing strategy for maximum benefit.

Interactive sliders and benefits intensity grid 

Quickly determine if a slight change will make a large or small impact.

Side-by-side strategy comparisons

Compare the best strategy overall with any filing age combination

Detailed graphs, ledgers, and action plans

View benefits by year, taxation details, and break-even analysis

iPad showing Social Security Pro grid interface
  • Touch or click on a start age combination in the interactive grid
  • Use the sliders to change assumptions
  • With every change of a slider or grid selection, hundreds of calculations are made as the thousands of Social Security rules are applied to compare options, suggest the best filing strategy, and show the lifetime difference
Cash Flow Track

Quickly determine if a slight change will make a large or small impact to overall retirement income

Interactive sliders allow your client’s to play ‘what-if’ and see results in real time.

And with every adjustment — income is accumulated, asset appreciation is calculated, RMDs are calculated and withdrawn, expenses are paid, assets are used as needed, taxes are calculated and paid, Social Security benefits are adjusted as required — for every year in the projection. And, for every possible Social Security filing age and method.

iPad showing Social Security Pro grid interface

Complete client presentations in under five minutes

We get it — no one has time to learn confusing software. Cash Flow Decisions doesn’t require any training to get started, and it takes less than five minutes to create an engaging, professionally-designed client presentation.


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