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Using your lead gen site

A lead-generation tool that’s focused on people — not just products

Ready-2-Retire is your personalized mini website that allows you to approach prospective clients in a different way – one that shows you care about their unique retirement needs, and gains their trust along the way. Prospects can use your site to explore their needs and wishes in retirement, and you’ll get notified with their data and contact information when they do. 

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Add a link to your lead gen site in your email footer

It’s an easy value add when communicating with pre-retirees who are approaching retirement.

Add a link to your lead gen site from your personal website

If an interested prospect lands there looking for information, this is an easy way to capture their information.

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Here’s how it works

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Step 1

You get a custom Ready-2-Retire lead-generation website, with it’s own unique URL

Think of it as a personalized mini-website — including your name and contact info — that gives your prospects an interactive playground to explore their needs and wishes in retirement. Here’s an example site for John Advisor:

Step 2

Point consumers to your site

Many prospects approaching retirement first start researching online. You can use your website, email footer, social media posts, postcards, or other printed material to direct interested prospects to your personal Ready-2-Retire site.

Step 3

Prospects self-qualify by walking through your site

Once at your lead generation site, prospects will engage with a highly-interactive experience where they can drag-and-drop different retirement goals into the correct priority ranking.

Step 4

You’re immediately notified with your new lead’s contact information

Once a prospect completes their Ready-2-Retire experience, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification, and the lead will appear on your leads dashboard. 


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