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Your door opener to the baby boomer market

10,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age every day. That means Social Security is still a great way to get a conversation started. Think of Social Security Lead Gen like your own personalized mini website, where prospects can interact with their calculations in real time — and you’ll get notified with their contact information when they do.

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It’s an easy value add when communicating with pre-retirees who may be wondering about Social Security.

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If an interested prospect lands there looking for information, this is an easy way to capture their information.

Get more leads

Here’s how it works

Step 1

You get a custom Social Security lead-generation website, with it’s own unique URL

Think of it as a personalized mini-website — including your name and contact info — that gives your prospects an interactive playground to explore their Social Security benefit options. Here’s an example site for John Advisor:

Step 2

Point consumers to your site

Many prospects for Social Security and retirement planning first start researching online. You can use your website, email footer, social media posts, postcards, or other printed material to direct interested prospects to your personal Social Security site.

Step 3

Prospects self-qualify by walking through your site

Once at your lead generation site, prospects self-qualify while interacting with their Social Security options, seeing their real numbers (not hypothetical case studies), and seeing how their choices compare with optimal Social Security planning.

Step 4

You’re immediately notified with your new lead’s contact information

If the prospect submits their contact information after reviewing their results, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification, and the lead will appear on your leads dashboard. 

Next steps

Import lead data directly into other Advisor Controls planning software

Once a prospect uses your Lead Gen site, you can import their data into any of your other Advisor Controls planning tools (like Social Security Pro), and provide an easy-to-understand client presentation.


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