Estate Planning Concepts

Designed to simplify complex estate planning concepts

You don't have to be an estate planning expert — let the software be the expert.

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Give your clients confidence in their estate plan

Life insurance is a great solution to estate planning problems. But it’s a complex subject to explain. Estate Planning Concepts breaks it down to the fundamentals — so your clients truly understand their options, and feel confident taking action on a proposed solution.
Interactive screens keep clients engaged

Interactive flowcharts allow your clients to play "what-if" — and see results in real time.

Leave behind a motivating presentation

Leave a motivating, easy-to-understand presentation with your client.

Emphasis on estate planning—not just taxes

Estate Planning Concepts opens the discussion of other planning concerns—bequests, estate equalization, charitable bequests and family business.

User Interface

Minimal inputs for powerful results

Your clients see how their assets get to their heirs after just a few simple inputs:
  • Current Estate
  • Existing Life Insurance
  • Years to Project
  • Growth Rate
  • Estate Transfer Expense Rate
  • Bequests to children, charity, or others
  • Use a By-Pass Trust and/or an ILIT
  • State inheritance tax calculations included for applicable states.


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